Title OceanSaver Completes USCG Testing Date 2016.05.18 10:09

OceanSaver Completes USCG Testing

Posted by Eric Haun
Friday, May 13, 2016
OceanSaver informs it has finalized all testing required for the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) type approval application of ballast water management systems.
OceanSaver concluded testing along the Pacific coast of North America in close cooperation with ship owner CSL, and all tests have met the USCG’s requirements.
“We successfully completed shipboard tests as scheduled on May 5.
Component testing was finalized shortly afterwards – and all tests have been
confirmed to meet all USCG requirements,” said Helle Hundseid, CEO at OceanSaver.
“We expect to finalize the formal application within beginning of June,
thus being among the very first BWTS vendors to submit an official application
to the U.S. Coast Guard.”
The ship-board testing - carried out on-board the CSL bulk carrier Sheila Ann’s 2x2000 m3h capacity system - was initiated end of summer 2015. OceanSaver’s Ballast Water Treatment System has, as per the requirements, been in operation by the ship’s crew continuously throughout the testing period along the vessels trade route. The route included the saline and brakish water ports of the San Francisco Bay, San Marco in Mexico and Tacoma, Wash., as well as various fresh water ports on the U.S. Pacific Coast – Challenging the OceanSaver BWT system to a range of highly varying
conditions without disrupting the daily operation of the vessel.
“As one of the first suppliers of ballast water treatment systems to apply for
U.S. Coast Guard Type Approval, we confirm our position as a frontrunner with an undisputable capacity in developing and delivering fully compliant and high-quality treatment systems for ballast water,” said Alan Linderoth, Vice President Sales and Marketing at OceanSaver. “We have consistently used the U.S. Coast
Guard-recognized FDA/CMFDA test method, and therefore have confidence in
our formal application once submitted to classification society and U.S. Coast Guard.”
OceanSaver has also recently strengthened its compliance portfolio with a full
Class Approval by ABS to complement the existing DNV-GL Class Approval.


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